Girl Of The Month – Model and Baia Delphis Resort’s Media Manager Ingrid Ribiero

Highlight yourself:

always positive

Go for your wow effect:

Let your soul shine


vlasta gary photo

Label your thoughts:

Less talk more action


Quantify your must haves:

There are few but important:

my engagement ring that I won’t change for anything,

blush By Chanel – the only brand that has my favourite colour,

My son who is always with me.

 Ingrid Ribiero Baia Delphis Resort

 Dress to impress:

We are not beautiful if we’re not comfortable.

Set a tone:

Caffe Americano every morning.

Uncover the best dining rooms:

Anywhere Brazilian food is great  and everything cooked by the chef of Baia Delphis Resort.


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 23.37.20

Update your mind:

To continue living each day as if it were the last one, not thinking about the past, not waiting for the future and living intensely the present, this is my motto!

Shape up a perfect day:

Every day is perfect when you wake up, smile and thank God for another day, it’s even more perfect when you can take at least one day of your summer to relax at the Baia Delphis Resort

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