How to Avoid Sea Sickness?

Sea sickness is unpredictable and can happen to you anytime while you are travelling by sea. Even the healthiest of persons are not spared by it. Many people tend to feel nausea or in extreme cases, vertigo after spending time at the sea in a boat or ship. This may occur due to the rocking motion of the craft. Therefore, certain precautions need to be taken to prevent sea sickness during travel.

Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol

Drinking high amount of caffeine concentrated beverages like coffee, tea or colas before a sea trip can lead to severe sea sickness along with headache. You won’t feel anything while you are on shore. The effect starts taking over you once you have travelled some distance at the sea.

Eat light

Avoid eating heavy and greasy foods like burgers, pizzas, pasta, noodles etc. before a sea trip. Also avoid acidic foods like oranges and vinegar. Instead eat something light before your ship leaves the shore so that your stomach is partly filled and partly empty to keep you well.

Get enough sleep

Get at least 8 hours of sound sleep at night before the trip. Don’t get anxious and keep calm before boarding the boat or the ship. Insomnia and anxiousness can act as sparks for an explosive sea sickness.

Select a proper spot

While you are inside the sea vessel, remember that the way you are sitting and your surroundings also determine your wellbeing. If you are sitting or standing in a congested place inside the vessel, you may start getting uncomfortable and sick. Once inside the vessel, search for a spot where there is less disturbance with proper availability of fresh air. This way you will be comfortable throughout the trip.

Divert your mind

While abroad, don’t concentrate or stare too much at a single thing. If you continue reading a book or watching the horizon using binoculars or continue staring at the walls or furniture of the vessel which are swaying with the sea movement, you may end up feeling sick. Instead divert your mind and concentrate on other activities like chatting with people or playing games on board.

Avoid exhaust fumes and smell of fuel

If you are travelling via a diesel boat or a yacht, you may experience severe uncomfortable smell of exhaust fumes and burning diesel. The smell of such exhaust gases is so strong that it can make anybody feel sick or vomit. Keep a piece of cloth with you and cover your nose and mouth from these fumes.

Take therapies

If you fall under the category of people who experience nausea or headache frequently while at the sea, consider taking therapies like hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).These therapies will aid you to deal with sea sickness if it suddenly strikes in the near future.

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