How to Detox Without Juicing, Fasting or Restricting

Nowadays, every lady out there is experimenting with fasting, restricting what they eat and juicing themselves in a bid to detox. However, what is there was a way to detox without doing all that? Here is how to detox naturally while enjoying it.

Eat foods closest to their natural state

Whole foods are easier to digest and metabolize, this leaves your body with more than enough time to detoxify naturally. Consume vegetables and fruits, and whole grains. Processed food should also be avoided.

detox daily

Avoid addictive substances

These include sugar, caffeine and gluten. These materials obliterate energy in your body and can easily cause addictions. Easing up on their intake helps your body crave for natural foods instead.


Pure filtered water is always good for your body. Hot lemon water and green tea can also be taken in the morning. Hydrating your body increases its cleansing abilities and getting rid of toxins. It also cleans your skin, boosts metabolism and helps you regulate body temperature. Lemon water has also been found to boost the expelling of toxins from the body and skin.

Sleep adequately

Getting enough sleep gives your body to digest food and metabolize it easily. This ensures gives your body adequate time to carry out natural detoxification.

detox daily

Diminish stress

When stressed, the body puts a halt to important activities within the body so that you can be able to cope with and fight the stress. These important activities could be metabolism and waste expelling. If you are under high stress, inadequate toxin removal could cause toxin buildup in the body.

Avoid snacking

Snacks are often consumed with short spans of time in between. This means that the body has to constantly keep on digesting and metabolizing throughout the day. This lowers the time spent in natural detoxifying your body. This is very dangerous as it could lead to a buildup of toxins in the body. Eat three main meals in a day and avoid snacks in between the meals. This duration in between the meals should be adequate for detoxification.

Bath daily

This is a useful tip especially for people who sweat a lot. The skin constantly gets clogged up on dry sweat thus blocking the sweat poles and preventing further expelling of sweating. In addition, sweat could contain toxins and should thus be cleaned off regularly to avoid toxin build up on your skin.

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