Girl Of The Month- Journalist And Tv Host Leila Ismaili

Photography Vlasta Gary

Highlight yourself:
On cheekbones, upper lip, slight line on the nose, under the eye brows πŸ˜‰

Go for your wow effect:
Silk dress, big hair, open shoulders, smiling eyes

Label your thoughts:
Positive are always welcome, negative – access not granted

Leila Ismaili Photography Vlasta Gary

photography Vlasta Gary

Quantify your must haves:
Most of my must haves are still on my wish list, but for now it is Chanel flats, Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino Perfume, picture of my family, laptop, my phone and Tiffany ring by Paloma Picasso

Dress to impress:
Red dress with open back, as low as it can be… πŸ™‚

Leila Ismaili PCH 2017 photography Vlasta gary

photography Vlasta gary

Set a tone:
Exuberant, zealous, smiles and laughs… never enough

Uncover the best dining rooms:
Sushi Park, Il Pastaio, The Catch, Matsuhishu

Navigate for coffee:
Practically, any coffee shop in my neighborhood, except Starbucks. My favorites are Cafe If, Blackwood Coffee and Alfred’s.

Update your mind:
Run, hike somewhere high and serene, observe the beauty and accept my place in this world, Kabbalah Class.

Leila Ismaili PCH 2017 photography Vlasta gary

photography Vlasta Gary

Shape up a perfect day:
Hot Yoga that makes me feel like I deserve breakfast lol, productive meetings, setting up new goals or reaching existing ones, lunch with my girlfriend, writing for four hours (it is enough to accomplish something and yet not exhausting), a very romantic date that always involves an element of surprise…

Dream Big:
Happy family, loving and loved husband, three kids, beautiful home, successful running business, that brings joy and professional fulfilment, travels every three months (at least), love everywhere and in everything.

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