Surfing on your mind this summer

Surfing will never be fun when you choose the wrong gear, however, with the right information , you can consider some factors when making your final choices of what to wear while surfing;


Surf boards

Surf boards are the most important equipment to consider when planning a surfing tour or vacation. Make sure you check the surface of the surfboard for any imperfection, and make sure it is in a mint condition. Make sure you buy all other accessories along with the surfboard to get even more discounts. A second hand surfboard may suit your budget but it is ideal to go for a new one especially if you are a beginner or an amateur surfer.


Wet suits

When choosing a wet suit, you need to find one that perfectly matches your sizes, make sure you now a little about the temperature of the water you are surfing in or buy a wetsuit made to adjust to different water temperatures. You need to have a feel of the thickness of the neoprene material of the wetsuit. Whether you are going for a simple vest or a full suit, there are pros and cons of each of these. Make sure the suit does not decrease your flexibility, and it must provide some warmth likewise. Thickness of neoprene materials often vary between 2 and 6” it is ideal to go for thicker wetsuits when the temperatures are cold.

surfing leash


The leash attaches your leg to your surfboard, ensuring that the board does not get out of reach. Leaches come in varying sizes, colour and length, you need to consider the length above every other thing, make sure the length is firm enough to get the board close to your feet.

Surfing on your mind this summer

Board bags

Boardbags will keep your boards safe, during transportation. The three main types of bags are; sock, soft boardbag, and hard case. A softboard or sock may be suitable for lighter boards while a hard case can be ideal for larger boards, thus you must buy accordingly.

Surfing on your mind this summer

Surfboard fins

Fins are normally attached to the bottom area of the board, and they help to hold and support the board inside waves. Surfboard fins will help you steer the direction of your board . Make sure you check the depth, base length and fin plug- these components must be in good condition to make the fins work perfectly.


Other accessories

Other accessories such as wax and deck grip may not be as important as the board, fins, and leashes but they do make your surfing much safer and pleasurable, you must check that they are in good conditions too.


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