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Low Calorie Cooking Tricks to Help you Shed Pounds

To many weight loss plans summon up the image of a diet of bland and unappetizing food served in small portions. Eating healthy and losing weight doesn’t have to be boring or plain. Here is some kitchen witchery that will spice up your meals…


Get Your Best Beach-Body in Less Than 30 Days

You are looking forward to spending the last few weeks of your summer in the sun-kissed sea-side, thus you want to look your best by getting fit and by not creating negative attention towards your body. This is an absolute 28-day fitness routine that…


How to Detox Without Juicing, Fasting or Restricting

Nowadays, every lady out there is experimenting with fasting, restricting what they eat and juicing themselves in a bid to detox. However, what is there was a way to detox without doing all that? Here is how to detox naturally while enjoying it. Eat…