Tips On Caring Curly Hair

Shampoo and conditioners
Many people have curly try out a lot of hair products before they can get one that is perfect for their type of hair. However, whether the products have a ‘Perfect for Curly Hair’ label or not, you should know that there is no specific product for curly hair. Since this particular hair type appears dry and prone to damage more often than other hair types, you should use a shampoo or conditioners designed for dry hair or damaged hair. Many scammers know that that it’s difficult to get the right products for curly hair, so they will label ‘for curly hair’ on normal types of shampoo and then overprice them. Do not waste your time, they simply do not work. The most important thing to note is that ingredients on normal shampoo work for curly hair. In addition, no shampoo ingredients have been found to warranty overpricing.

curly hair care

How often should you wash curly hair?
For all types of hair, too much washing, especially with shampoo is not good for your hair. This is because it makes hair dryer in the long run. In addition, the effects of toweling brushing and blowing hair are very damaging to curly hair. To avoid dry hair, concentrate most of the shampooing on your scalp then a little on the ends of your hair. Afterwards, lather up once only. Shampooing again is not necessary according to leading hair stylists so you can skip that step. If your hair didn’t lather up fully, you can shampoo it a second time. However, this process should not be repeated too often since the shampooing will make your hair drier and prone to damages.

curly hair care

Conditioning curly hair
Apply a minimal amount of conditioners on the length of your hair. Applying it to the scalp may make grease the scalp and thus weigh down hair closest to it. Try to keep the conditioner for as long as this increases the moisturizing effect. For better conditioning, you can sleep with the conditioner on the ends of your hair as this lengthened period can ensure that your curly hair is more moisturized the following day. You have to note that for overnight treatment, you need special treatment. This could be in the form of hot oil, hair mask or plant oil.

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