Top Five Yoga Positions for Women

A woman’s body goes through various phases from teenage to old age. Stages like becoming a mother and then having menopause bring several changes to the body. To overcome the effect of such changes, women can consider practicing yoga to lead a healthy life. Yoga in fact keeps the body fit and flexible. Keeping the body in good shape, reducing asthma and blood pressure and improving the immune system are potential health benefits yoga can offer. I would recommend five poses to practice for women who are interested in yoga.

1. Camel pose: Back bend
This pose is recommended for strengthening the spine. For women who have to sit for long hours in office, the spine gets bent eventually. This is a great exercise to move the spine in the opposite direction, to keep it strengthened and straight. Sit on your knees and try to bend backwards as much as possible along with maintaining the posture of the back. This pose has been named the camel pose as the posture resembles that of a sitting camel.

2. Triangle pose: Side bend
If you are keen to tone up your waist and make it streamlined and more flexible, this pose ensures brilliant results. Stand straight, spread out your legs and try touching your knees one at a time by bending your waist sideways. Hold on to each side for five breaths or more.

3. Balance pose: One leg standing balance
We human beings are different from other animals for our unique ability to stand on two limbs. This pose is a bit challenging and takes this ability to the next level. It requires a person to stand on only one leg and maintain balance while folding another leg frontwards. This pose is basically to improve body balance and increase lower body strength. For initial practice, one can choose to take the support of a wall.

4. Twist pose: Sitting spinal twist
This pose is excellent for releasing any tension in the muscles around the spine. It is also a great detox pose as it boosts blood circulation and helps the lymphatic system remove toxins. Sit by folding both your legs and lift one leg upwards by holding it by the knee. Then, slowly rotate your spine to look over the shoulder where the arm is behind the back. Think about lengthening the spine as well as twisting it. Hold here for five breaths and then repeat it.

5. Inversion pose: Forward bend
It is one of the most common poses in yoga and is excellent for quickly releasing tight hamstrings, calves and back. Start on hands and knees, then lift your bottom into the air and tuck your toes under. Adjust your legs until comfortable and look towards your knees. If your legs are tight, lift alternate heels up to release the hamstrings.

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